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Failing or Succeeding

May 16, 2017

You only fail when you throw in the towel.

I often talk about success, and about having success with your health and fitness and in your life.

But what does having success actually look like, or what does it take to get there?

That’s where things truly get dynamic.

You see, success is exclusively dependent on your goal.

For instance, having a goal of maintenance seems to be popular. And heck, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The body will naturally decline as we age, so if your goal is to maintain, than hey, you are ahead of the game. What does maintenance look like? Well, if you are attending 2-3 workouts per week, but haven’t put more emphasis into your nutrition, or you go off the rails on the weekend, than chances are, you are in maintenance mode. You aren’t gaining weight, and at least you are keeping your body moving, muscles and bones strong.

Another popular goal is to gain mobility, or feel better. Some people don’t care if they lose 5-10lb (if it happens it is a bonus), but they want to feel better, and keep up with the things they love (family, kids, sports, golf, etc.). You don’t have to change the way you eat to improve your mobility, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. If the food you are putting into your body is causing you more inflammation, or excess body weight is causing stress on your joints, than improving your nutrition will only help. You may also need to consider other activities or professionals. Some professionals that can help you with your physical mobility include a massage therapist, physiotherapist, or chiropractor. In order to get the joint or muscle moving the way it is supposed to, they may need to help give your body a kick start.  Many people face a challenge of sitting down for long hours every day, and this unfortunately puts us in a tremendous amount of poor postural positions.  The goal of improving your mobility is no small task, but making small changes to your daily life can make progress noticeable.

No matter what the goal (strength, fat loss, mobility, muscle gain), you need to consider the realistic steps it takes to reach that goal.

Just remember, you have to believe that the goal is attainable. You need to see yourself succeed before it happens. It sounds simple, but psychology plays the most important role. See yourself doing something, looking someway, etc., and believe that it is going to happen. This belief helps things from getting into your way. You are so confident it is going to happen, you know it is happening, and no speed bump or hiccup will disrupt your path for success.

Remember, you only fail when you throw in the towel.

So keep it up, and journey on to your success!




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