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Warm ups and cool downs 101

August 29, 2016


How can you prepare yourself to kick butt in your next workout and keep kicking butt?

Warm ups don't need to be long, but you should shoot for 5-10 minutes, and include both foam rolling and dynamic exercise.

Foam rolling is like therapeutic massage: it can remove knots in the muscle, as well as trigger points, and scar tissue. 
Shoot for 8-10 rolls per body part
Spend a few minutes targeting the quads, groin, IT band, calves, glutes, upper back, and lats.

Dynamic exercises include
Half kneeling tail bone tuck 8 reps per side
Dead bugs (core) 8 per

Glute bridges (glutes) 10 reps
Bird dog (core/lumbar) 8 per
Rock-Back Quadruped Extension-Rotation (Thoracic -Spine) 8 per
Plank with glute activation (posterior chain) 10 second hold
Body squats (lower extremities) 8 reps
Band pull aparts (upper extremities) 8 reps

Cool down afterwards for 5-10 minutes
You can perform some foal rolling again, as well as some static stretching (the type of stretch you hold in place) in the tight areas of your body. The static stretches can be held for 20-30 seconds.
Focus on hitting the areas that are exceptionally tight either from the workout or from daily posture and activity or lack thereof. Common areas include the chest, lats, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Have any questions? Just ask.

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Warm ups and cool downs 101

August 29, 2016

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