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The Journey

September 23, 2015



We all have our own obstacles. As I face another setback after my surgery, I think about how I was able to fall in love with keeping fit in the first place.
I consider my journey to be a mixture of success in both life, fitness and my health (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional). 
In this first picture down below, I had been working out for over 10 years, and I flat out didn’t look like it.
Why? I didn't know how to workout and eat smarter. But when I did learn, I started to look more like I do to the right.
* This last picture was spur of the moment, not planned. I was on my back patio enjoying steak and red wine feeling great when I’m like, lets capture this moment. So here I am with steak and wine in my belly feeling good and looking proud.
No I am not yet finished my journey…but I am on a mission. 
The best solution isn’t to jump on the latest celebrity endorsed program fad, or expensive shake. All too often, we focus on the outcome of our goals, and don’t enjoy the journey along the way. The truth is, if you don’t enjoy and focus on the journey, then you will fail at every goal you set.
When I learned to workout and eat smarter, I started to enjoy the journey more, and began to see better results. I didn’t have to workout as long, and I could sit down and enjoy my favourite foods and drinks.
With fitness, you cannot just go through the motions and expect to see great results. Some popular videos and at home programs can even make this habit worse. You end up Focusing on the video or TV when what you should be focusing on is yourself. 
So make a promise to yourself right now this moment. Catch yourself the next time you are just going through the motions, put your mind right into the muscle... think about it… and when you do, every movement is more effective, and yields body sculpting results.
With eating food, less isn’t always better, and being too strict just plain sucks! Who wants to eat out of a container all their life, or count and measure non-stop? 
What smart eating always has in common is planning to eat vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrate cycling (which means sometimes eating more carbs, and sometimes eating less) 
If you don't plan with eating or have the right food on hand, you will eat against your fat burning wishes. We are only human, I have been guilty of being tired, having a crappy day, and then grabbing a burger and fries at a drive through on the way home to satisfy my feelings and hunger.
So look out for triggers, what causes you to eat "bad". And make preparations to avoid those moments.
And do it for yourself, the majority of people out there want to have a sexy body and feel strong...but that isn't a good enough motivation. If the majority of people want that, well look around, the majority of people don't have that. So find your motivation.
I used to put so much pressure on myself, I would be so strict for 2 weeks, give up, and then eat like crap again. Now that I am focused on the journey, I take the pressure off myself, hold myself accountable, and see success.
I am excited this fall to be starting a new training room to make smart training easier than ever before, and including the actual best fix, for you to find your smart eating.
I am so motivated to get going; my journey is not yet complete, and I have a feeling you are looking to improve on your journey as well. 
Leaner bodies, sharper minds, better lives.
Let’s journey together.


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