1) Before attending each and every class or appointment, please self-assess yourself for Covid-19. 
2) Please only enter The Training Den once you pass the self-assessment and you must have an appointment or be registered for a class (register in advance online or through the app).  Arrive several minutes before your appointment.
3) Bring the minimum amount of personal belongings you need into The Training Den. Upon Entry, sanitize your hands and distance yourself as you take off your outdoor shoes or any outdoor wear. You will be greeted by the trainer and guided if needed.
4) Classes will be spaced out to make your entry and exit easier.
5) You will be directed to your workstation, which will include your own hand sanitizer, and disinfectant spray. Like alway, please wear clean indoor shoes and clothes, and bring your own hand towel or body towel for sweat.
6) Should you require any further equipment not at your workstation, the trainer will help you.
7) Each workstation will be physically distanced and marked off with red tape
8) Washroom and changerooms will be limited, but available if needed (1 person per changeroom)
9) Please continue to practice physical distancing and social respect (sneeze into your towel, arm or shirt for example) while working out.
10) You will wipe down all equipment and your workstation thoroughly when you are done with it using the disinfectant. 
11) After each class, kindly leave within several minutes. Practice physical distancing as you exit, and please sanitize your hands again.
12) The trainer will further ensure each workstation is sanitized and ready for the next appointment
13) Be kind to yourself and others as we are all working to crush our own personal health and fitness goals
14) These guidelines may be updated for best professional practices